A Destination

Famous around here, the comfortably calm casual atmosphere of Tien's Place elusively conceals the true genius of the maverick chef behind one of the Flathead Valley's most highly acclaimed restaurants. Known by locals and visitors alike as some of the most complex flavors and textures anywhere.

Vietnamese born Chef Tien has a rare talent for creating a unique twist on the most famous dishes from Asia and America.

How Important is Texture?

Lots of restaurants get the flavor right, but when you take your first bite here and experience the tender meat, the al dante' green onions and the still crunchy green peppers and carrots... suddenly texture becomes as important as flavor.  That's when you understand the difference between a cook and a chef.

Every Dish is Made to Order

Just moments before being placed in front of you, the steaming dish you are preparing to devour was still in the Wok or on the grill.  Only minutes earlier the ingredients were chilled but not frozen.  It really doesn't get any fresher.

Even "ToGo" is "Too Good" to believe

Is it even possible to make ToGo taste like Gourmet?  Somehow Tien and his crew have mastered even this.  The main dishes are boxed separate from the rice, everything is super hot and al dente' so that it actually finishes cooking while packaged and on it's way home to you.  By the time you're ready to eat... its perfect. Brilliant!