American Food

Made Gourmet?  Really?  Oh Yeah!  The best Fries you've ever had, and wait till you taste a Burger!

Go out and get some of your favorite fast food fries and then order Tien's.  Eat them side by side...  No Joke... I dare you.

But seriously, there is something about a talented chef who truly loves food that a kid making minimum wage at a fast food joint will never compete with.


A massive platter of mouth watering food for your most important event

How about a platter of hand made spring rolls, wontons, sweet & sour chicken dippers, with various grapes, strawberries and watermelons. 

Or for that truly special occasion, a master chef at your command:  Prime Rib, Crab Legs, Scallops, Shrimp and Lobster.  With a team of professional servers, we're here for even the most exclusive clients.

Custom Dishes

Want Something not on the Menu?  How about Vietnamese Pho or Japanese Sushi 

For a price, and with a few days notice, Chef Tien will prepare most anything you want provided FRESH ingredients are available.  But be forewarned, Kim Chi may cost you an arm and a leg.  Maybe keep it simple like a Filet Mignon or a plate of King Crab legs... MMMmmm!  (Advanced notice and approval of the chef is required.)

Come see us now to fill that empty hole in your tummy with something heathy, fresh, natural, and just plain irresistible.

Or Order now by phone or on online for pick-up.